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After finishing the dishes and drying your hand you hear the door bell ring. You go and answer it. Instead of someone standing at the door you a large box with a rectangular slit on the front lay before you. As you attempt to pick the box you are suddenly stopped by the ringing of your cell phone. You answer it "Hello?" "Is anyone watching you?" says a voice on the other side "Who is this?" you ask "Just tell me if anyone is watching you" you looking around to see anyone or anything out of place but you don't notice anything "There's nobody" upon saying that the box in front of you moves and up comes someone from inside the box. You're startled and stagger back; falling on your butt. You look up to see a man dressed in a grey army camouflage out fit. His utility belt had a navy socom fire arm at his side. He had a bandana with laces in the back that fluttered in the gentle breeze. You notice and emblem on his right arm that shows an eccentrically designed fox insignia that has a lightening design for feet. The emblem reads 'Fox' on the top portion of it then 'Hound' on the bottom portion. The soldier takes a cigarette and lighter from his side and lit it and began smoking in front of you then he proceeded to ask you a question "Are you familiar with Mobis-New-Nest?" "Yes" "So you faved piece huh?" "Yes" "Alright lets go, you're not safe here" "What? Who are you?" "Just call me Snake and right now we need to move before those ninja monkeys get here" "Ninja monkeys? I don't get it" "I'll explain later but right now I need to thank you for faving a piece at Mobis-New-Nest and get you back to base" said Snake but you and him are suddenly interrupted by the sound of thundering helicopter that lands a few meters from your home. Then a pants-less baboon in bandages with t-shirt that reads I.R steps out of the helicopter with several ninja monkeys that follow. The baboon pulls out a megaphone and begins yelling into it. "STUPID A SNAKE, I.R IS BACKING. DID YOU REALLY THINK CHUCK NORRIS AND JOHNNY BRAVO GET RID OF I.R SO EASILY? THANKS TO CANADA FREE HEALTH CARE I.R IS FIXING UP AND BACK FOR REVENGING" I.R Baboon began prancing around in a victory dance 'I.R REVENGING, I.R REVENGING, I.R REVENGING HA HA HA NOW YOU FEELING THE WRATH OF NINJA MONKEYS AS THEY KICK YOUR BUTTING" Yelled the pants-less baboon as he orders the ninja monkeys to attack. You quickly grab a mixing bowl and place it on your head along with grabbing a rolling pin and spatula and quickly return by Snake's side to defend yourself. Snake looks at your eccentric battle gear in a funny manner and says "Well kid I hope you know kung-fu"
You don't need pants for the revenge dance cause I.R better then Snake. I could go on forever with these :p
JustAnotherNinja Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
SNAKE!!! *snake shoots fan girl*
Zimario97 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
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August 27, 2011
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